Who is 'all users' exactly?

 In the manual about ‘Managing shares’ :

About Shares

A share is an area on the WD My Cloud device for storing files. A share can be public so that all users can access the contents, or private to limit access to selected users.

Does ‘all users’ relate to the list of users defined in the Dashboard or to the users who have access to the network ?

Or : can someone who is not defined as a user in the Dashboard but who has access to the network, access the data on a public share ?

A public share is public on the local network. Anybody can access the content, even if they are not users declared on the NAS. On a remote network, only NAS users that have been setup as remote users can access the public share, unless you create a link that you send around.

There is only one admin user who can access the UI. All other users are equal in “power”.

Each share is created publick by default. You can turn the public toggle off (except for the Public share, although there is a hack), to turn it into a “private” share. This allows you to specify which of the registered NAS users has which right to that share (read/write, read only, or no access). By default, non registered users (who have access to public shares) never have access to private shares.

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Thank you Etupes. This is exactly the information I needed !