Who can Access Public Folder on MyBookLive

Hi there, I’m a new MyBookLive (MBL) user.  I just set up a private share, and I still have the default public share.  I would like to use the WD Photos and WD 2go iOS apps.  I have downloaded the apps and have accessed the MBL successfully from both apps.  With WD 2go, I can access both the public and private shares (as my app is registered to the admin and my private share is restricted to the admin).  However, with WD Photos, I can’t access the private share.  I prefer the WD Photos interface to view photos, so it seems I would need to put all of my pictures into the public folder for access on my iOS devices.  So, my question is, who can access the Public Folder on the MBL?  Is it secure to only those authorized to access the MBL, or can other non-authorized users outside of my home network access these files somehow?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Only the users that are connected in your home network or the users that you allow to use wd2go or wd photos can access the MBL.