Whn i am in Video, .jpg files also are shown?

Hey there…

When I connect to my nas, in videos, then i also can see the .jpg file ??

How to disable this…

The .iso file are shown fine with the jpg…

So I have a movie.iso and movie.jpg…

i can see both files in video ??

Put a “.” in front of the name.


Seriuosly ?

Why is this ?

**bleep**, my mac won’t accept “.” as a starting letter :frowning:

Putting a “dot” in the front of the name has special significance to linux / unix systems; they become Hidden Files.

The WDTV’s will be able to display them as thumbnails, because when the WD looks for thumbs, it looks for hidden files, too.

But they won’t be duplicated, because that’s a different process in the browser listing that does NOT include hidden files in the media listing.