White LED Light

Hi guys, I recently purchased 3 Western Digital MyBook 4TB external hard drives and one has a minor issue. I bought the first one off Amazon.com, the white light has no issues, I bought the 2nd and third ones from Futureshop and Best Buy. The one from Best Buy is the same as the Amazon one (no issues) but the one from Futureshop, the white light is not as bright, its no big deal but I wish it would be bright like the other 2 and these are all brand new condition been in use for only a week or so and is there any way to make it brighter the way it should look, it would make me have peace of mind.

Not sure on that… are the unit connected under the same electrical circuit?

Make sure that all of then are connected directly to the wall outlet and test the unit to make sure that they are performing properly.