White LED after trying to resize

Hey guys,

I tried to follow this instruction with the 2TB Image and a 4TB HDD. The HDD was formatted as exfat (with only one partition) and completely empty.

I copied the downloaded image to the HDD as it’s written in the instruction, but unfortunately I had to skip #14 and 15 because I didn’t received an error. After typing in unit s + p, I only got an overview about 2 existing sectors (not 4 as it’s written there). Furthermore, the start sector of the last partition (which was 2 in my case) was 77056s.

I continued with step 16 (but didn’t got a warning again) and finished the instruction, but currently I only get a permanent white LED and can’t connect with the software.
Do you have an idea what I’m doing wrong or another solution?

Thanks and best regards!

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