White glow at top of screen during playback almost like a backlight effect

Trying to figure out if I need to return my WDLive Hub, when playing any content on my tv at the very top of the screen it looks like there is a horizontal line that is brighter than the rest of the screen, it is almost like the effect of having a backlight where it glows a little around the edges but just at the top. I will try and take a picture and upload it but I feel it it would be hard to capture the best way I can describe it is… it’s a soft white glowing horizontal line at the very top of the screen, the line not so noticeable in bright scenes but more so when the screen is showing a dark image or scene. The TV is a Panasonic TCP 65VT-25 plasma hooked up to WDLive Hub via HDMI, I only get this anomaly when I use my WDLive Hub. It is bugging me big time! so if anyone else is experiencing the same please let me know!



Have you test the WDTV Live Hub using another TV?