While the "getting movie info" appears, is there some way to reveal some info?


I’ve got a new WD TV Live.

While the “getting movie info” appears,

there’s an “i” icon just below it.

is there some way to make it expand so to reveal some info(progress maybe)?

(like the green button on  the remote, which expands the “speed counter” icon on bottom of the screen, for the dashboard menu?

Nope, no hidden function  … it’s just :heart: Pretty :heart: graphics  :wink:

XML reference:  info.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?> **<image image="@@info_inforbar" x="0" y="0" w="1280" h="126"/>**

top_infobar_bg.png   (Width / Height = 1280 x 126)

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Thanks a lot for the detailed reply! :smiley:

no probs rick79 :smiley:

Hello VIP Joey!

Si there anyway to get folder graphics to appear on the movie folder in the Movies list live Itunes does when you add a CD you can click search for album artwork? The MOVIE folders in my book live are named for example THE_HEAT but it would be SUPER COOL to be able to see the movie artwork and stars as I’m browsering for which movie to stream.  Any way to do this automatically or manually as last resort?