Which wifi router for best speed from EX2 Ultra?

Hi - I’m new to the forum but I did a search for router before posting here, and have gone through the write up Before you pack up your WD and return it, let's talk about Copying Speeds!

My setup

  1. Device I am using the WD My Cloud 8TB EX2 Ultra, and was planning to use it for photo and video storage and edit with Adobe Lightroom.
    2, Router I am normally using the Amazon Eero Mesh router (Wifi 5, 3 piece original device, not a gigabite router but LAN speed test showed me Gigabit speed), but I have also tried with the TP-Link X20 (Wifi 6, Gigabite router, 1300mbps) mesh router
  2. Connection The NAS is connected with ethernet cable (the one came with WD) to the router (Eero beacon, not the main router), my 2019 MacBook Pro 16" wifi connected to the same Eero beacon.

Preface to my question

  1. With both the above wireless router devices I am getting 30-40MB/s read speed.
  2. When I connect my Macbook to the router with the ethernet cable (same beacon as the one connected to the WD) - I get 90-95 MB/s read speed.
  3. When I directly connect MacBook to the WD with the ethernet cable (i.e no router in the middle), I get 100-110 MB/s read speed.

My question
Is there any way I can get the 90-100MB/s speed over Wifi? NAS for me loses the point if I have to connect my laptop with ethernet cable to the router. I understand that wifi bandwidth probably gets divided with all the devices… but is there any router or any configuration that can give me the max speed of 100M/S ? …100MB/s is still 800 mbps, and I was really hoping to get that.