Which wi-fi usb adapter will work?

Hi there,

I am trying to make the most of my WD TV Live Hub but it seems very difficult.

I have already tried two adapters, the Tp-Link TL-WN725N and the D-Link DWA-140 but no luck at all.


Now my question is: Which adapter will work with my TV Hub?



P/N     WDBACA0010BBK-00

Firmware  3.05.10


I hope somebody could give me the right answer.




belkin F6D4050 ver 1001ed, i still have it, and it’s for sale, as iv gone wired

Thanks a lot, so will it work 100%?

I am in Italy and I found one on Amazon but from a marketplace seller, gonna ask him about the version.

In case I can’t find the right one how can I buy your one?

Plus, can the version 1 be considered as ver001ed?


That list doesn’t solve my problem, I can’t try each of them, for that I am asking which ones will work for sure with my version of the Hub.

belkin F6D4050 ver 1001ed,

I have the D-Link DWA-131 WLAN Nano USB-Stick for 2 years now…