Which WD TV is right for me?


I am a complete amateur to the realm of HD (and forums for that matter).  I just bought a Sony Bravia EX440 40 inch 1080p TV.  While searching for blu ray players, I stumbled accross WD TV, and am not entirely sure which one to get (live, live plus, or hub).  I’ve got a 2TB computer (which is not located near the TV, but I do have a WiFi connection), and a 500GB WD passport external harddrive, on which my buddy from work is currently copying his movie library on to.  He said most of the files are .MKV, .DivX, and .Xvid. video formats, and mostly DTS, AC3, and AAC audio formats.  I’m using the TV speakers (no special surround sound) so I don’t think audio is a huge concern.  I’m living in Canada, so Netflix doesn’t matter to me, though I wouldn’t mind being able to browse websites like YouTube or FaceBook on there (if that’s possible).

So taking all that into consideration, if someone could help me choose the player with the most compatibility, and the lowest cost, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

First off, Welcome!

Second,  not a good idea to admit to mass piracy.

Third, if you’re not looking at the Online Content, I’d go with the Live.

Netflix and (the apparently upcoming) Hulu Plus are the only real benefits to the WD Live Plus, since it supports DRM.

Given the uncertain status of Netflix in Canada on WD devices (and no sight whatsoever of Canadian Hulu Plus), I’d agree with Tony; WD TV Live should suit your needs and it has the same free online services that the Plus offers (YouTube, Flingo, Mediafly, Deezer, and yes: FaceBook!).

Thanks for the prompt responses!
I guess I will likely go for the Live then.   Is there any difference in supported formats for the different versions? Also, will this allow me to connect to my computer upsstairs wirelessly?

The Live and Plus are identical in terms of what formats they support.

To create a wireless link to your upstairs PC, you’ll need a wireless router and to buy a wireless USB adapter for the Live.

There’s a list of supported hardware here:


Pay VERY close attention to version/revision numbers.  WD only guarantees support for those specific revisions and manufacturers have an annoying habit of changing internals but keeping the same model number.