Which wd passport for my lcd samsung LE22C450?


I’m Italian, sorry for my English!

I’ve a problem:

I bought an essential 320gb just to see movies on my lcd le22c450. It has a multimedia player built in, and i need just an hard disk for storage movies from pc to player it directly.

The essential don’t play on my samsung, because (I think) the spinup requires 900-1000mA, while the standard usb it’s only 500mA. The Y cable isn’t a solution because the samsung lcd has only one usb port.

I tried an elite 500gb (of my friend), and it work! But I don’t wan’t that it’s a single case…

I see the passport AV 320gb,  but the cost is similar to passport elite 500gb. Which I buy?

It’s possible to have a power consumption of spinup and power consumption of load/read (mA) for these models?

Thank to all!


I suffer from a similar problem, I solved it by getting a self powered USB hubs that plug into the mains.

Ok, but in this case, it would be better to buy an HD externally powered?

I would like an hd powered on…