Which WD Media Player model should I buy

Hi … I’m new and I’ve never used a Media Player before.    After reading about the differences between the WD TV Live (WCBHG70000NBK) and the newer version WD Media Player (WDBYMN0000NBK) and I’m still not sure which one to buy.

The main reason I want the player is to play numerous movie/video file formats from a WD My Passport backup direct to TV without having to burn onto discs to play on a blu ray.

2nd reason is to access internet or live stream TV at home, but especially when travelling in our trailer across Canada/US. 

3rd reason is to play music files (can that be done via the TV (without a receiver) e.g. with a good quality speaker connected to it?

Here’s what I know about the new version

  1. the newer version does not support neflix

  2. the newer version has miracast

  3. firmware updates are availabe

Here’s what I know about the older version

  1. the older version has netflix (how do you sign up for it ?)  My current tv provider at home is via a Bell Satalite dish - no netflix available.  Is it possible to sign up to it by connecting the media player through my wifi internet connection?

2.  can the older version still connect to an android smart phone ?  we have a travel trailer - so if on the road it might be handy to connect via my phone. 

  1. firmware updates are available on the older version, right?

Sorry I have so many questions - perhaps you can recommend a tech expert that I can call - but has to be in Canada if possible.

Thanks for your help!!!

If you don’t need Netflix, get the new model. For the older there’s no Miracast, you can only use your smartphone as a remote. On both devices you can only access those internet services that are installed and nothing else.

To answer you questions, I will tell you I have two WDTV players – Live Plus units. which preceded the “older” WDTV.  I also have a Netflix account.  Last month I wanted a “spare” WDTV, and was going to buy a WDTV “older” player to keep in reserve.  Then the new one came out.  I was not impressed that there was no Netflix anymore, and I have zero interest in Miracast – had never even heard of it, and besides we have iPhones and iPads, and our Android tablets are Kindles, which are not pure Android since there are custom apps for Kindles.

Anyway, I bought the older WDTV/SMP; and it even costs less than the newest one – $10-20 less depending on where it is purchased.  Being older, the SMP will not be around much longer so that’s why I went ahead and got it now.

   1. the older version has netflix (how do you sign up for it ?) 

Real easy – you go to netflix.com and sign up for an account!   Then you can watch Netflix on your phones, tablets and computers – as well as TV via add on boxes such as the WDTV, or Roku – many upper end TVs have Netflix built-in…

I also listen to lots of music on my WDTV via the analog stereo.  Many newer boxes are doing away with the analog audio out and only have HDMI now, but I need analog out so I look for that as a feature on my gadgets, like the WDTV…