Which WD color replacement drive for WDTVlive hub?


Hi everyone who still uses the WDTVLive hub.

I have a WD TVLive hub and have enjoyed it for about 5 to 6 years now. I store many home movies and pictures that I would not like to loose. Many internet searches suggest that 5 years is a average hard drive failure time. My drive is getting louder and I am afraid it will fail before I replace and copy all the stored files.

For this reason, I want to replace the drive. Presently there are 6 different colored WD drives:

WD Blue HDDs are mainly used for general purpose storage, they are great all-rounders, and an average user can’t go wrong with Blue.

WD Green is basically same as Blue, but it lacks a bit of performance. However, it is the most eco-friendly HDD, and it’s quite cheap.

WD Black s are for pure performance including gaming, media, and content creation. Also one of the most expensive HDDs.

WD Red is a NAS drive. It’s optimized for NAS systems.

WD Purple is for surveillance. Advised for 24/7 operation.

WD Gold , probably the most premium of all. Made for a multitude of Datacenter-specific applications.

My WDTVLive is powered on 24/7 and networked to several computers. My question is, Which color WD hhd would be the best drive to get for a replacement? Thanks


Your WDTV likely has a blue drive in it. I suggest same as what is in WDTV.


As mike points out, the drive that’s inside there right now is a WD blue 2.5" mobile drive.

But what you’ll need to pay attention to is the physical size. The WD TV Live Hub shipped with multiple capacity options. And in the Blue line, the thickness of the drive varies with size. So WD designed in foam rubber gaskets that also vary with the size of the drive.

In other words, if you don’t get one with the same physical dimensions as your current one, you may have a difficult time securing the drive in the case.