Which WD Cloud is best for webhosting?


I’m new here!

Could anyone tell me which WD cloud model would be the best to host websites on (FTP). I would also be using my it to store documents, photos and videos too.

Kind Regards

Hi @yas1320

recommendation is the My Cloiud Business Series DL line as you can increase the additional RAM with another 4 GB of DDR3L low voltage modules. The 2-bay DL2100 uses a normal 240pin DDR3L, the 4-bay DL4100 accpets SO-DIMM DDR3L.

Of course, it depends how many websites you want to host and what kind of additional services you need like MySQL database or some PHP enhancements.

I would also consider the band width you are expecting and the available band width from your ISP and other functionality that you are expecting from the server.

Thanks for the suggestion Joerg_A. I will look into these models.

Thanks for pointing this out to me SectorGZ. I forgot to factor this in my requirements. I will discuss this with my ISP.