Which version of synced files gets edited?

I have copied the folders from my desktop computer to the my cloud folder. If I edit the file on my computer, is it supposed to update the matching file in the my cloud folder? If yes, how long does it take to update?

If you are keeping those files in Sync via WD Sync Software, then, every update on the file like modification, deletion or changing the title will be updated on the other place. For example: If you have file named “A” with 10 words in it and if you add 11th word in the file “A” either from the computer with which you are keeping the device in Sync via WD Sync or from the mycloud.com, it will show up the change on both the places (i.e. on mycloud.com as well as on computer’s sync folder into which that file is stored).

You can also check the previous version of the file if you are using WD Sync. To know more, refer to the link given.

To know about WD Sync, you can refer the User Guide given in the link below.