Which USB-connected NAS system works with Live Hub? Trying to increase USB drive capacity

Can anyone personally verify which USB-connected NAS system works with Live Hub?  Since being one of the first fools to have my data wiped out on the 3TB WD drive connected via USB, I now have 2 2TB drives connected to the HUB.  Believe it or not, I am running out of space.

WD Support says: “Our dual and network drives larger than 2 TB’s can continue to be used with the WD TV products.”

Before I buy a USB NAS system, I want to know for sure.

NOTE: I know I can access my media through my home network, but streaming videos, running DirecTV on the network, downloading, uploading, etc makes the videos slow…

I’m not aware of any NAS devices that can be connected via USB.

Usually, the USB port on a NAS is for connecting external HDDs or printers to share on the network.