Which test should I run to test the status of my Hard Drive? Any table to compare?

Hi everybody
My new Book Live is making too many mechanical sounds for what I would aspect from a new Hard Drive…

Which test should I run over it?
Does anyone have a table so I can compare it?

…by the way… the sound is a clicking noise… the typical mechanical sound when one hard Drive is going to fail in about 6 months (previous experience)… :frowning:

Clicking is a bad sign yeah.

Tricky situation here. Badblocks is a standard choice for testing hard drives under linux, but it’ll shred the data currently on the drive and probably remove your warranty in the process. It’ll kill the OS as well, as the OS running the NAS is unfortunately (mostly) on the hard drive. Nondestructive tests just aren’t as thorough :frowning:

I’d suggest you contact WD support directly, and request either a rma or software that can demonstrate conclusively whether the drive is on the way out or not. Good luck