Which surround sound system will work well with WDTV Live Hub?

Looking to get 5.1 surround sound to connect to my Hub, hopefully something with HDMI input and output to go to my HDTV, but never really bought anything like this before so wondering what sort of product you guys use?


Do you have a price range ? Does it have to be 5.1 or will 7.1-7.3  work for you ? What else would you like it to do, Like sirius pandora ect ?

I’ve never had an issue with 5.1, not really interested in radio, just want the output to be over 600w or so.

Also price range is about £150-£300?

Check Amazon.co.uk or even just Amazon.com (US site to find a proper make and model, which you then search for in your preferred retailer’s site) or any of the other UK electronics retailers. Actually, you could search on a US retailer’s website (newegg.com) where you can set all your requirements/specifications and find a good model you are interested in, and then just put that make and model into a UK retailer’s website. You will be able to sort receivers by price range, and then by features. All you need feature-wise is HDMI (preferrably 1.4) on the receiver, which is included on pretty much anything that’s come out in the past one or two years. There are just too many options for me to look them all up and list them, but just put in your criteria on your favorite retailer’s website and you’ll be given dozens if not hundreds of options. Once you find a list of them in the price range, you can start sorting those specific results down first by specifying the wattage range you want, like you already mentioned, and then further sort the results by reviews/ratings to see which ones people are most happy with. You can sort or browse by brands/manufacturers, if you have any favorites or want to keep them similar to the TV, though that’s purely brand loyalty and doesn’t make any difference feature- or  compatibility-wise.

So in terms of the setup all I need is an AV Receiver and some speakers?

AV receiver (with HDMI) and speakers, yes. You can often get good deals on an HTIB (Home Theater in a Box) which includes your receiver plus a full set of speakers+subwoofer that are fully compatible in terms of wattage and all that. If you want the utmost quality, I would suggest building your own system (purchase the receiver separately and the speakers separately, after finding compatible ones) but your budget is wayyy too low for that, so I think you might have to go with an HTIB. There are some that are quite affordable and very good quality, and those will be the ones that fit in your budget constraints.