Which Software Do I Use?

So I just bought the MyCloud EX2 and follow the installation instructions by going to the setup site on WD.com to download the setup software. But there are 4 different programs! Desktop WD MyCloud, WD Sync, WD SmartWare, and WD Access. Whats the difference between these and which do I need? WD Sync and SmartWare seem like they do the same things?

I am looking to have automated backups of important files for a couple computers on our network. I don’t need everything accessible from the cloud but only some things. I want to be able to play iTunes music from the NAS and stream video files to compatible devices. So which programs do I need for this? I don’t want to have to use all four. Thanks much.

If you have mobile devices you plan to access your EX2 from, you need the APP called My Cloud installed on each of your mobile devices, It comes in flavors for iOS devices or Android devices. Download it from the appropriate app store for your devices. I use this app a lot to access my NAS. I am surprised you did not mention this at all.

You did mention Desktop WD MyCloud. It is for installing on a PC. It seems most appropriate to install on a PC not at home on your home network. Examples could be a work PC or a relatives’ PC. I have never found a need for it at home for myself since using Windows to access NAS files and the NAS Dashboard for setting NAS controls is quite sufficient.

SmartWare is WD’s backup software.
Not a user of WD Sync or Access myself, so others will have to help with this.

The important thing for you now is that you go to WD’s main website for products and support at www.wdc.com and read about the above products, and download the complete user manual for your new EX2. You can find it in the Support tab at the top of the main page.