Which sides are they referring in "RMA numbers on 3 sides of the box"?

I’m about to send my SSD for RMA and the instructions mention:
Return Material Authorization number must be visible on 3 sides of the box

But which sides of the box? Do ‘sides’ just refer to vertical sides only or can it be include top and bottom too, the one where the flaps of the box are located.

I try to draw the RMA box would be based on instruction. Is this the correct one to put RMA numbers on the sides of the box? Also, can it be written, like with a marker?

I just don’t want my item get returned just because I don’t follow specific instruction like this, or maybe they get picky of which exact side that I have to write RMA numbers on box, so need advice for this.

Make sure they are on three different sides so if a number should become unreadable during shipment the other numbers hopefully will be readable.

Ask them, WD?
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Okay. I’m thinking like writing in different dimension like side, back/front and top. Maybe I should do something like that if they need the numbers to be readable.