Which product is which?

Is this the product talked about here?


I’ve got some vouchers for play.com to use, and I don’t need wiFi - if the firmware is the same as the newer wifi model then I’d go for this, but if there are other play back issues then decision is harder.


The link is to the old model,  does not have the same firmware as this new one.

new one not avaiable yet in UK

The old model is just the “WD TV Live HD Media Player” - the new one is in a red box and is called the “WD TV Live Streaming Media Player”

Thanks for the fast reply - this is why I asked which is which - as the play site has the same words “Western Digital WD TV Live HD Internet Media Streamer” but pic was different!

how does it compare? On interface, playability etc? It would only cost £10 after vouchers! but I could spend vouchers on other things if this model is not good.


also, is this:


The same as I’m looking at, but with a Hard drvie built in - or is it an older model again? It’s so confusing :frowning:


That’s the ELEMENTS PLAY;  no relation at ALL to the the WDTV Live other than it’s from WD also, but only sold outside of North America, as far as I know…

Just trying to make sure I asked the right qestion - is the one mentioned in my first post a lot different than the new one.

They ‘appear’ to have the same coverage of file types and straming options - just no wi-fi.

I’m looking for a comparision chart if there is one. or if some one has both a quick list eg:

Better menus, Y/N

Better remote, Y/N

Better file support, Y/N

Better internet support, Y/N


The NEW one:

Better Menus:   That’s an opinion, but yeah, I think so.

Better Remote:  Yeah.

Better File SUpport:  Not that I know of…

Better internet support?  Not sure what that means.

Tony, thanks for the reply.

By better internet support I mean are there more channels/sources to select from. My main focus is video, my internet connection is only about 1M - iPlayer works on PC but I’m assuming it can buffer better than this stand-alone box, so not a key feature for me.

I read form your relpy that the menus in the old one were not so bad that you screamed “without a doubt”.