Which Ports to open on Router?

Using Net view and nbtstat -a , I have been able to determine that all my devices are visible on the networh which seems to be properly configured. However I am unable to play any files as the wheel keeps turning and turning. I am assuming this may be a port forwarding problem on the router. Or is there any thing else I need to check ? The QNAP is connected to the Draytek Router.

No port forwarding is necessary.

Can you please suggest what else I should look into. The QNAP is found but the film does not play , the wheel keeps turning and turning.

Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.


I have added a AP in bridge mode to improve the wireless signal , at the moment am getting the full wifi bars. But 1080 films are still stuttering or atleast the one I have. Maybe the copy is bad. WIll try another film. My question is I have a Twonky server built in my Qnap. The WDTV accesses media server(Twonky Server)  as well as network shares. Which one should I use to play the media ?

You will need a wired LAN to play high definition movies even then some will stutter.

Well some users on the forum say they dont have any problems playing HD video no stutter at all, wired or wirelessly. I have tried LAN thru two different kinds of power plugs one 100mbps and the other 200mbps but with both have problems.