Which output resolution setting BEST for YouTube videos & downloads on 1080p capable display?

Hi Guys,

Which output resolution setting is BEST for YouTube videos and downloads on a 1080p capable display?

AUTO or 1080p/60 ?

I have a Pioneer 1080p plasma.

Thank you.

Anyone ?

Secondly, what about the video setting? Are people using:

AUTO, RGB, RGB, or CR CB or whatever it is. Which is the best setting for this?

Also, how do I roll back the firmware to v. 1.01.17. Is there any “issues” with doing this?

I can stream YouTube videos in 1080p then right?

Thanks again guys! :smiley:


I’m using a Panasonic 1080p Plasma.  HDMI is set to AUTO and it outputs as 1080p.  I’m not sure what it’s setting the refresh rate to but I assume it’s 1080p/60.

Other settings are also set to AUTO.  Picture quality is fine but, given the low-res of the majority of YouTube clips, it’s not crystal clear!

The downgrade to 0.17 is possible and might re-enable 1080p playback.  To find out more about downgrading firmware, check out the following thread:


The only issues with downgrading would be that WD made those changes to the YouTube browser to adhere to YouTube’s ToS.  By running that old firmware you might be breaking the ToS.

Issues that may affect you directly include missing out on any new features introduced in newer firmware.  The prerelease firmwares have many small bug fixes and additions that may be worth upgrading to once the next official firmware comes out.  

You can always upgrade later if a feature appears that you really want though. :slight_smile: