Which is the best drive for my purpose

Hello there,

I’m running a simple Desktop-PC with Windows 7 (upgrading to Windows 10 in a few days) as a internal fileserver for my company.
It has one main single drive (WD Black, without raid and without any extra configuration) which serves data and is accessed over the local network by 8 other Desktops (where we’re working on). The data is all kinds of stuff, docs, photoshop, indesign, html, etc.; it has also a local apache (webserver) installed.
Every night there is running an icremental backup from the main drive to two more single drives in the server (2 WD Green)

The fileserver is running 24/7 but does a restart every night (just normal windows restart).

Now I have to replace the main drive in the fileserver and I was wondering which WD-Drive would be the best choice for this case?

Thanks in advance

I’d recommend a WD Re.

Many thanks for that reply. I had the RE also on my list but was not sure if the scenario with the nightly restarts is ok for a hard drive made for continuous operation. But on the other hand - the computer just restarts and doesn’t completly power down - should be ok, right?