Which is faster? 7200 RPM 6GS or 10000 RPM 3GS? For Photoshop 2D Editing

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

I’m building a system for a friend who uses Photoshop for 2D photo editing. That is ALL he does. No games, no video.

Which is faster? (If this info is clear on the WD site somewhere, please point me. I’ve looked and can’t find it.)

IF we install two HDs, would one of the above be better for the O/S and the other better for the Photoshop specific scratch drive?

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Odds are the 10k rpm drive will be faster.  The sata 3 interface likely isn’t going to do you any good with a 7200rpm drive.  There are many other things to consider but I’d say grab the 10k rpm drive.