Which hard drive would you buy if you were in my position?

I’m going to buy a new desktop drive very soon but I’m trying to decide which HDD I should buy.

I’m trying to decide between a My Book Studio, My Book Essiential, and My Book for Mac.

All of the HDDs are 3TB.

Here are the amazon links.



My Book Essiental


My Book for Mac


I really want to get the WD My Book Studio 3TB because it has firewire, longer warranty, and it has an aluminum encasing.

Does anyone have this drive? Is it quieter than the My Book Essiential or the My Book for Mac?

I’d like to know if spending an extra $50 for those features would be worth it.

Also, do people who use HDDs that are 2tb-3tb that are almost full, does your mac’s fan start to get loud. Mine do that a lot, but I don’t sure why it does that.

The main features that I need from a new drive is reliablitiy, quietness, and a long life span.

Has the power button on the Essential or My Book given you any problems?

What are some things to be wary about before buying any of these HDDs?

Do I have to use the Smartware that’s included or can I completely delete it from the drive?

Any help/insight is appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

I would go with the My Book essential. Smartware is an optional program.