Which hard drive from WD for Sata 6 Gb/s

I am gathering the hardware items I need for a new computer.  I have always been believer in WD.  I have 2 60 Gb 10000 RPM drives for 7 years with no problems.

It is time to rebuild.

I plan to build around a GH-Z68X-UD4-B3.  My old board is the D915GEV from Intell.  If I knew what Sata version was used it would help me a lot, but that is not my main question.  I used the 10,000 rpm drives to max my responce in 2005.

That new board will have 4 Sata 6 GB/s ports.  How to make the best use of those is the question.  I asked one forum and I got the stock answer - SSD OF COURSE.  I don’t believe that at all.

You have a 1TB that is ready for Sata 6 gb/s with a large cache.   Where would I get actual performance figures on the drives that are possible so I can make an intelligent decision?

You throw me a curve by WD VelociRaptor eith the 450 or 600 GB, but not the 150 GB which is big enough for C drive.

I am thinking of the 1 TB and partitioning it into 2 drives, one for C drive, and the other for Data.  What is the best idea?

The smaller SATA 6 GB/s that WD manufactures is the Caviar Blue 250 GB, mdl. WD2500AAKX.

Just look at random 4K performance, HDD: 1MB/s, SSD over 70MB/s. Why you insist on mechanical drive for a boot drive is beyond me. Just because a drive is advertised as 6GB/S doesnt mean it delivers that much. There is no mechanical drive that even saturates the 3GB/s controller.

If you want a reliable SSD look at the Crucual M4.