Which hard drive for which controller?


I got a used My Book Essential from eBay from which the hard drive was taken out. Knowing that the control boards from WD only support WD hard drives I connected a WD Caviar SE 16 (WD5000AAKS).

It powered up fine, but it could not mount in Mac OS X (10.8 and 10.7). Formatting was also not possible. The error message told me, that some of the sections of the hard drive could not be read. 

Although the drive works perfectly fine. I tested this before and after using the control board I got, with a different external hard drive enclosure and also connecting it directly to the Mac.

Just for fun I also connected a Samsung drive and got exactly the same problem.

So I am assuming it has something to do with compatibility of hardware parts…

So my question is, which hard drive do I need to get, so that the control board is going to work?

4061-705089-001 REV. 07P (Printed on white sticker)
4060-705089-001 REV. P1 (Printed on the circuit board)

Or is the control board broken? If that’s the case I assume there is no way to fix it?

Hello scompX,

At the moment, we don’t have information of what drive was inside on that unit since that may vary on the manufacturing date and the availability of the unit on our warehouse. Now, as a recommendation, is trying to contact the vendor to see if he can provide you with the model of the drive that was inside.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the seller only remembers beeing it a Caviar green, but doesn’t know which specific model it was.