Which G-RAID models can be configured for RAID-1?

Hi, first time here.

I have a G-RAID3, (with 2 x 1.5TB) configured as RAID-0, giving 3TB. It’s used with Windows 7 Pro.

I need to reconfigue it as RAID-1, giving redundancy rather than capacity, but running the “G-Tech RAID Configuration Utility”, it either never finds the drive, or finds it and after being told to change to RAID-1 it never returns - on checking later the drive is still seen as 1x3TB. I haven’t established a pattern to which of these happens, except that it’s never seen by the software when using eSATA or FireWire, so I’m sticking with USB2.0 for now.

Is this drive too old to be able to change configuration?

If so, which of the (many!) models of G-RAID do allow this? (I really don’t want to buy a new one, so models available on eBay would be good :slight_smile:

My G-RAID3 has 1x eSATA, 1x FW400, 2xFW800 and 1x USB2.0 connectors.

I notice that some later ones don’t have eSATA or FW400, and have USB3.0. I really want to use eSATA as in theory it should be the fastest (I have a micro-server with eSATA that I want to use it with).

So: How do I get a G-RAID in RAID-1 configuration, connected by eSATA? And which particular version of Configuration Utility software do I need to make the change (running under Windows 7)?


Only our removable series G-RAIDs can be configured as RAID1.

G-RAID w/ TB2 & 3, the original G-RAID Removable that had USB3.0, FW800
and the G-RAID Removable w/ USB 3.0

All previous G-RAIDs that have no front opening door and removable drives are locked to RAID0