Which FORMAT is best and why?

I have an iMac 2GHz Intel on MacOS 10.6.8.   I am thrilled with my WD 750GB passport.  This is my fourth WD drive.   

It is formatted for MacOS and holds media: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie.   I want to back it up with an external blue-ray burner.   There are relatively cheap external blu-ray burners for PC, but not Mac.  

What is the best format for the passport?   If I stick with MacOS format, I can mount the drive to a PC, but the files will not be visbile to the PC.   Therefore the MacOS formatted drive and fiels are invisible to the external blu-ray drive.  Correct?

If I reformat the drive with the MSDOS FAT format both PC and Mac will see the files and I can mount back and forth.  BUT…  Is the MSDOS FAT format the poor choice to store the media from my MacOS applications?

All help is appreciated!

I would format the drive NTFS for Windows and try NTFS-3G http://mac-free.com/download/NTFS-3G.html and then both should be able to use the drive. If you format FAT32 the max file size is 4 gig. FAT32 is also more prone to corruption.


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