Which format for DVD?


I have AnyDVD HD and want to rip all my DVD to the USB HDD.

But can i generate also ISO or better file ripping?

I want to keep the menu and want a nice cover and Information.

Thank you!

Funny, I’m currently in the process of doing this myself.
I’m using AnyDVD Image Rippper that comes with AnyDVD to make .ISO files.
They play as a dvd would in a standard DVD player.


In the mean time I change my strategie :slight_smile:

I rip with “MakeMKV”.

The advantage for me:

When on a DVD are more than one movie, he generate forch each one MKV File. But without DVD Menu … I doesn´t need it really.

With ThumbGen I set the image and Meta Data.

Maybe you know it:

Are there other skins as the 4-5 online?


(I tryed Mojo) … but habe Problems with the Images.

I read a lot og the WD TV Live HD … for this are a lot of skins, but not for the WD TV Live Streaming.


I have no problems with the following formats and procedures to create files playable via the WDYV and computers::

For my standard DVDs, I use AnyDVD along with companion program CloneDVD2 to create ISO files.

For my blu-rays, I use AnyDVD HD to rip an ISO image.  This file is then processed by ByteCopy to create an MKV file(s) that are playable with WDTV…

I read long ago that it makes no sense to create MKV files from standard DVDs, as there is no advantage.  A standard ISO file is best, as it is an exact replicae of a DVD and is made up of a single file.  Not so with an MKV.  My experience confirms this to be the case.

Is anyone using DVDFab to rip there DVD’s to iso’s. I’ve found it very easy to use one click solution to rip the whole dvd or just the movie to a iso.