Which files are backed-up


I can MyBookLive - installation was fine - back up using WD Smartware works fine

my questions are: 

how can i verify which files have been backed up ?

I have a multiple account PC, would all the data from all the account be backed up ?

I have also an external drive (USB) which is usually plugged in : can this one also be backed up (when plugged)? how can i retrieve the back up files of the external drive if i lost it ?

many thanks

No not all the accounts, only the current user when Smartware runs and the “All Users” things.


The WD SmartWare software excludes user folders and files that are exclusively owned by other users.  The following user folder hierarchies are the only allowed user folder hierarchies:

Windows XP

  • Current user’s folders and files under: “<boot-drive>:\Documents and Settings&lt;current-user>”
  • All Users folders and files under: <boot-drive>:\Documents and Settings\All Users

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Current user folder and files under: <boot-drive>:\Users&lt;current-user>
  • All Users folders and files under: <boot-drive>:\Users\Public

I don’t think you can see the backed up files from within Smartware, but I believe if you just Explorer to the WD Smartware.swstor folder you can browse it and view the files.

so if i want to back up the full computer, i need to run WDsmartware for each user account, correct ? do you know how i back up and how i retrieve the content of an external drive ?