Which external drives are 7200 rpm - needed for application

We are trying to add video recording to an already processor intensive application. We are currently saving to both the internal and a network drive and we see a difference in the quality of the image. It was suggested that if we change the internal mage storage to an external HD (7200 rpm , not 5400 rpm) we would retain image quality and possibly lower the load on the processor. I have several 2TB Passport drives but I don’t know the drive speed. Which external drives are most likely to have 7200 rpm drives? Is there a WD utility that will tell me the drive speed? Thanks

There are a number of 7200RPM 2.5" drives. However, very few (any?) that are “portable” type things like Passports.

You’re probably better building one with an enclosure so you can be assured of proper power. (7200 RPM drives tend to be more power heavy than an ordinary USB port can provide.)