Which drives are inside the WD 8TB My Book Desktop?

Does anyone know if the latest WD 8TB My Book Desktop HD has the new 8TB Red drive inside of it? I read that earlier versions of the external drive featured the HGST Ultastar He8?

looks HGST but is not exactly Ultrastar. The label is totally unusual from the WD standard, looks like a ink printed black and white label … the same for the my book duo 16tb (8+8) black label with wd logo and in the middle of the data it show HGST.

Excellent info, thank you. At the current price point I was doubtful that they would use Red drives. I read somewhere that the 12TB My Book uses 2x6TB WD Red drives.

my book install a 8TB helium (HGST) WD80EZZX
my book duo install red hdd

The first ones came with the HGST 7200rpm He8 Enterprise drives in them. Later versions came with WD Red 5400rpm WD80EZZX’s, the slower version helium drive.


If you buy one you can use the program HDDScan to identify which drive is in it.