Which app better to upload photos?

Question is: which app it’s more appropriate to upload photos from phone (I use iOS)?
a. MyCloud? b.WD Photos?

There are plenty of topics around uploading, but I get the sense the apps have evolved considerably, and most are outdated. So I open a new one. A sticky topic on this could be actually useful.

Ideally I want to:

  • auto-upload photos (in the background)
  • keep file’s information (is this possible?)
  • avoid duplicates (has it start happening already… need to look into it)

Thanks in advance!

My vote is for My Cloud; it’s the newer app, and can do more things than just upload photos. My Photos is the predecessor to My Cloud app. This past week I uploaded all my iPhone and iPad photos and videos quickly, accurately, and flawlessly with app to my new WD My Cloud NAS I will do same with wife’s Phone and Pad.

Thanks Mike. Do the uploaded photos keep the information?

Yes it does. More info that I can see from an iDevice.when I right-click on the photo file’s Properties. Even more info than I see in the iPhone. Even shows Long and latitude numbers, but unlike when viewed on iPhone, it does not say where the picture was taken. Dates and time taken are unchanged. I copied one from NAS to my desktop. The creation date of copy was when I made copy…

Anyway, it works great for me. I uploaded my wife’s today. Now, she can easily see my pics and vids and I can see her’s from NAS using My Cloud app on our Pads… I made us separate folders for our own stuff with folder for photos, videos, for Phone and Pad. Four folders each. Easy to upload the whole thing say into a photo folder, and then separate out the photos and videos sorted by file type and put videos into their own folders.

I just posted an important new topic you should see about the My Cloud app and iOS Camera Roll uploads. It is at this link: