Whether to use M2TS files or .iso files?

I’ve discovered that converting my BD files to M2TS files permits me to stream these same files from any Windows 7 PC to my WD Live:smiley:, whereas when I converted them from BD to .iso files I experienced lots of jitters and stutters.  Check out TonyPh12345’s post for the details.:smiley:

Do you also convert BD to MKV?  I was told it’s good for video streaming but haven’t yet tried it. Use a 2TB hard drive instead. Now I’m looking for a way organising my movies and use stream them to WD Live Plus.

Yes, I do convert some Blu-ray to MKV.  I am able to stream them, too, without a problem.

Good. I’ll give it a try then. :smiley:

Back to your question, I can’t say for sure what the problem is, but… I play mkv rips smoothly with Live+. 

I tried BD ISO too, it played fine without sutters. Only one thing- I was not able to  select a chapter to play. That’s why I turned to MKV.

M2TS is definitely not a good choice.