Where's the Beef? (Apps)

After having finished the rather lengthy task of copying many terabytes of data to my new PR4100, I thought it might be a good time to check out some of the apps it has to offer. Having previously configured my router to block all inbound/outbound internet access to my NAS, I briefly disabled access control (at the router) so the apps list could be updated. However, despite my best efforts I continued to be greeted by the same message.

Ok, perhaps the apps list is updated on system initialization so I decided to reboot the NAS, which did the trick. A reboot should not be required to refresh an apps list. IMHO

My expectations were pretty low after seeing the selection of half-baked apps from other NAS manufacturers like QNAP and Synology. However, the Western Digital My Cloud PR4100 selection of apps (all 16 of them) left me feeling the need to do an extended facepalm.

  1. abFiles
  2. AcronisTrueImage (Pay-to-play app-vertisement)
  3. aMule
  4. Milestone Arcus Surveillance
  5. Dropbox
  6. DVBLink
  7. IceCast
  8. Joomla
  9. phpBB
  10. phpMyAdmin
  11. plexmediaserver
  12. QuikFynd Server
  13. SqueezeCenter
  14. Transmission
  15. WordPress
  16. Z-way

Adding insult to injury is the fact that at least one app (AcronisTrueImage) isn’t even a functional app. Rather, it’s a pay-to-play app-vertisement. That’s right kiddies, it’s merely a link to a “discounted” version of the app. There may be more app-SPAM, but I haven’t tried them all yet.

The “Add an App” list clearly states “Please review the details of the app before installing.” However, there are no details to review. All the app “Details” links point to the same URL, which then redirects to yet another URL. The only way to find out what an app does is to install it and hope for the best, likely getting the worst for your trouble. Imagine that, mystery meat apps.


Redirects to


Out of curiousity, I searched the Western Digital and My Cloud websites for PR4100 apps to download, but found nothing. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. There is a link on the My Cloud website titled “Download Apps and Software”, but they are all Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android apps. Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be awesome to be able to install Android apps on my PR4100, but that is not what I expected to see after clicking the “Details” link next to an app listed in the “Add an App” section of the PR4100 dashboard.

Western Digital makes some of the best hard drives in the world, or at least that has been my experience with their “Black” drives, but this My Cloud business is a joke. Fortunately, I did not buy this NAS for it’s fine selection of apps, but I do expect professional results from a “Pro” product which came at a premium price. Seriously, my little $99 Android TV box gives me 10,000 times more functionality than this $500 “Professional” NAS box does. For Pete’s sakes, I can’t even see the drive space information for individual volumes.

What say you Western Digital, where’s the beef?


Hi there,

Are you looking for a specific Application in particular?

The DL series also only show app list on boot up of NAS. So, seems to be a common problem shared by current models. WD needs to fix this and other issues you mention, and if you want to know details about any app, one really ought to go directly to apps website.

I was referring to google for the app website; I know WD gives no info.

As for app overview, refer to this page:

For the lack in apps department, we found a workaround in form of a docker. I am quite sure there is a docker container with crashplan, that would be answer for backup.

I use sftp client as file manager.

For the third one, I think you will have to create something on your own.

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Well, that would not surprise me. I am just used to Google “WD apps matrix” , faster than plow through WD website :wink:

Yeah… its the end of 2020 and I was just google searching regarding this very topic. I know its gravedigging to jump in on this post 3 years later but, seems like its still relevant. Why are there so few apps? I find it hard to believe There’s not at least 4-5 different virus apps alone let alone other drive maintenance or filesharing to mobile or TV apps. I’m a Plex user and even as big a deal as that is for me, I had to go get it from 3rd party download. How come WD isn’t sourcing and setting these things up?