Where WD Photo Uploads to with Shares

I think the WD Photo app should have the capability to allow each mobile user what folder they want to upload their photos/videos to. Since the Activation Code asks for which user it will authenticate through (Which it doesn’t ask for a password anyway) it should be able to grant the rights to that user in which folders the user is allowed access to.

For instance, I upload my photos and videos to my My Book Live Duo for storage, not sharing. There may be some photos I want to share but my main purpose is to back them up. So before uploading I could chose the destination. Whether I want to go to my Public folder or my Private folder. This would be great to see and I’ve seen many people ask for this feature. Where there’s a need, fill it :slight_smile:


Completely agree. Just purchased the mybook live and am surprised this is not possible. I don’t want all my other users to be able to view all of my mobile uploads because it is forced to be in the Public share.

Yes please!