Where to find my physical disc? and USB data when USB key plugged?

Can someone explain the difference between \MYCLOUD-XXXX and what I can find under my Z:/ drive?
Which one correspond to the drive located in my home?
Where the automatic saving is done? MY CLOUD or Z? How can I recover it?

Also, when I plug my USB key on my Cloud Home Duo, where should I explore it? On my computer or through WD Discovery?

Thanks for your help.

  1. Check this article: My Cloud Home Private User Space and Public Share Access
  2. Both
  3. What do you mean by “Automatic Saving” mobile app AutoBackup will be in the Private User space
  4. You will not see or browse attached USB drive on a My Cloud. You can can only Copy to and from USB using mobile app

Thanks Socallinux for your feedback.

I have a my Cloud Home Duo, means 2 DD.
Does that mean that all my Z drive is automatically copied to the 2nd drive?

By Autosaving, I meant autoback-up of my PC drive …but not sure it is possible to do it…

Let me know.
(sorry for the late feedback & thanks again)

  1. The My Cloud Home Duo is 2 HDD in RAID1 so single volume
  2. Use Windows File Backup to MYCLOUD-XXXX/Public Share