Where is...?

Where is stand by mode?
Where is NAS mounting?
Where is Linux/Raspbian WD Discovery application?
Where is remote turn on?

Where is a decent My Cloud Home Duo?


Sleep or Standby Mode is not supported on My Cloud Home and Duo. You can Shutdown the device when not in use by mobile app or web app.

You can mount the My Cloud Home by logging into the WD Discovery app.

For more information, I would recommend you to contact WD Support. To contact them, you can refer the link mentioned below.

There is no WD Discovery application for linux/raspbian… Why?


What about remote turn on? Will at least this feature be available?


What about making this device working like a real storage device?

For example now it is not making me logging in via the macos app.

I’m very disappointed by WD: any other brand would be waaaaay better.

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