Where is Thumbnail Location Stored (not backdrops)?

I have all my movies on a drive with a folder called “Movies”. Within movies, I have sub folders for the name of each movie. I know the WD creates a folder called .w?? whatever for the backdrops.

My question is, where do I find the images for the folder views? The portrait sized ones.


The thumbnails are stored alongside the movie files themselves. 

They’re called “.metathumb” files.

The WD does NOT create “folder” files; it will just display the first metathumb file in the folder instead.

So if I wanted a different thumb than what WD selected I would replace this file with a .jpg and rename it?


Yep, that’s basically all there is to it.

Why would WD abopt some weird naming method?

Why not just use a .jpg extension so it would be obvious?

It’s pretty standard. You just need a jpeg that is called “folder.jpg” and the WD will display that instead of the first jpg it come across.

yeah for folders use folder.jpg

for movies use .jpg