Where is the UK content?

ok we have the bbc iplayer but what about…

Itv player


Demand 5

this is sold to  the UK market so how about more UK content…please


you should go to the ideas board and check if there’s an idea like this

if not you can submitted and get other people to support you 

ok i have now posted the same question in the idea thread.

You should have searched first.

There are many ideas on the same subject.

Also there is no Iplayer for the Hub yet. Baseball, yeah, they even release its own firmware fix…I think that shows where WDs loyalty lie.

They don’t give a toss for the UK customers. I’ve contacted them many times about the lack of Netflix and BBC iplayer but they only care about the American market hence the update that was only for the MLJ Baseball service.

Time to get a Roku,I’ve had enough!! :manmad: