Where is the "Resume Play" data stored when using network storage?

I’m wondering where the “Resume Play” data is stored for videos when using network attached storage? I know that when I have a USB drive plugged into the unit, there is a .wdtv folder automatically created & I believe these pointers are stored there for videos on the USB drive.

However, there are not any folders created on the network attached storage when I’m playing a video over the network. I notice that if I keep the NAS on, I can come back later & resume the video. However if I power off the NAS & then turn it back on, I have to start the video from the beginning.

Anyone have any ideas?

They must be kept in memory somewhere, regardless of file system.   Mine are read-only, and they still work that way.  

The believe the .wdtv folder is a just a database of your media. I suppose that the info is kept in the same place as the logon details and wireless setup. There must be some onboard  memory.

It is stored in the WDTV volatile memory. If the power cycles on the WDTV you lose it. 

If you install the custom firmware you can find the files in the /tmp directory.

Oh, I see. It also seems to lose it when the power cycles on my NAS. It’s not really a big deal, but I was just curious.