Where is the latest firmware for WD TV Media Player WDBPUF0000NBK-EESN?

As topic states, I need to know where the latest firmware for my WD TV Media Player, model number WDBPUF0000NBK-EESN can be downloaded from? I can’t find it by browsing the WD website.
And I sure hope I will be able to put that firmware on a USB device and update it manually, because all three of my WD TV Media Player devices all say “The device fails to check for new firmware update. Please check your network connection and try again”. And the network connection is fine, as the streaming services are working. So there must be something with WD’s servers.
Anyway, please direct me to the latest firmware. Thank you.


Click the Blue ‘Download’ Button


Alternately … if you don’t want to see the "check for new firmware screen’ … disable it

Setup > System > Auto Detect New Firmware > Off