Where is the issues area of the smp?

I can’t find the issues area of the western digital smp  old link was :  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming-Issues/idb-p/streaming_issues

1)Is this the end of the support of the western digital streaming mediaplayer 3°Gen?

2)Where is the issue area?

All of the old bug addressed to issue area, weren’t fixed in this new fw release… 


Take a look at this link:  http://community.wd.com/t5/Forum-Feedback/Where-is-the-quot-Issues-quot-section/m-p/771665#M2135

Can you share some information about your issue?

These bug aren’t fixed in the changelog and in the facts.

All the info of the bug where here

after screensaver error “file is unable to play or is undisponible”


the many bug of the usb port, both rear and front…


no audio with mkv and stream audio DTS HD-MA e core audio of DTS-ES 6.1


This is a real bug not a suggestion… still pending


and these suggestion still pending

All are power related bug



and there where other 10-15 bug that i haven’t saved info and url… i hope you have don a backup and you are working on all these…

GG wd


I forgot the youtube bug, crash and freeze, there was a long list but in this firmware there were introduced new bug anyway XD


We have passed this along to support. Please check your private messages.

Youtube videos (wd application work) , in this case i’m refer to youtube leanback that freeze and RESTART the device…