Where is the information to use the new WD Mac Dashboard addin from the new ISO dated 5/1/13?

Does anyone have instructions on how to install the new WD Mac addin that comes with the latest ISO build on a Mac ? Also use instruction.


That should be on the way… I was not able to find that.

Mac Dashboard Add-in added to latest firmware update, enables the users of Mac OS clients, connected to WD Sentinel DX4000, get the same admin Dashboard functionality from the LaunchPad on Mac OS.

So if you have a Mac OS Client connected to WD Sentinel, an automatic update to Launchpad will be pushed to your mac machine, when you start the Launchpad and upon login, you’ll see an additional menu for “Add-in” which contains a link named “WD Dashboard”. Click on the link and follow the instructions. A couple of steps later, you’ll end up with WD Sentinel admin Dashboard allowing you to manage your system from a Mac OS Client.