Where is the file please?

When using a WD my cloud 2 TB and WD app on IOS

The image shows file downloaded, can any one advise where it is in the IOS please?

Upper left corner, tap “< Back” until you get to the devices list.
In that list you’ll see “Downloads” That’s where you’ll find them.

Many thanks Tony, I tired what you suggested and if I press back 5 times I arrive back to the WDmycloud, then click top left and drop down menu shows “downloads”

Question if you can answer the following please.

If these audio and video etc are now in the “downloads” of WD ?
Where are they on the iPad please, as at some point I wish to delete these (not forth WD drive)

If anyone with IOS a different method to transfer files I be interested to have more info please.

Last thought if I was to say top left of app WD press all I get is “share link”

If I downloads as Tony suggested and then go to top left of the screen I no have more choices such as open video in lumafusion - which is my aim.

So thank you for the information Tony helps a lot.

One other question would be is their a way to jump in IOS back to the folder which I have a video after I have gone to “downloads”

thank you

There is Help for the MC app in the Settings menu which you get to like you did the Downloads menu. At the very top of the Settings menu you will see My Cloud Help and tap it to enter.

I never download files into the iOS device as that is where things get stored. I always stream media either from the MC NAS directly from network or remotely from network

Thank you Mike, yes i looked in help section and had a look around.

A list was given with photos no RAW or PSD for preview which is a shame.
It retains a preview of jpegs but will not keep the PNG preview any ideas ?

Question if you have say a tablet and lumafusion, can you stream live, can you stream into the app lumafusion and edit live ?

Or can anyone else

Thank you

I have no idea what you are referring to. The conversation began with where are your downloaded music files and now you ask about photos.

I cannot help you further so I suggest you contact WD Support via phone. This is a user 2 user forum, and not WD Support.

Probably not. Once it’s downloaded, you would need to open the file in LumaFusion (if the app allows it), make changes, then save it back to the My Cloud.

The My Cloud app doesn’t maintain sync between apps and files.

Many thanks for the response Tony, that’s a shame. It be great if they could stream in the future.

Would you do a test with transfer 1 gigs of one file to and from the drive please.

I am using WD mycloud to and from iPad Pro one gig to and from is around 4.5 mins here, which i find quite slow. So looking at reasons why can it be increased.

Thank you