Where is the backup software?

I bot a WD mybook 4 years ago, never have used it, but want to start backing up my PC. For the life of me, I cannot locate the software to use it…nothing on the HD nor did anything come with it. Where can I get the basic WD backup software?

You should be able to get it from our Downloads page under you drive.

Have looked and looked but cannot find anything of use that I can use aback up managment software for my 1TB Elements HDD?

You said My Book at first.  There is no WD backup software for the Elements drive.  You will have to purchase a software for it.  However, if you have XP, Vista, or 7, they come with a backup utility that you can use.

WD Anywhere Backup is so focused on its task that it omits any extras. Not a problem, but an additional perk like an encryption option would have been nice. Nevertheless, it’s a near-flawless way to back up your critical data.


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