Where is my thetvdb access?

I have noticed that a lot of users are able to access info ( by scraping ) from thetvdb using their wd tv live streaming. I cannot find this option as whenever I put my television program in it says that it could not find it and when I go to settings I don’t even get the option to choose thetvdb. All I get is themoviedb. Thanks everyone.


There is a useful tool you can use.

Here is a link to some information.



Thanks for your reply. I have utilized that system befrore but I thought that the WD tv live streaming utilized a built in scraper function for collection tv data. According to my settings it says that it utilizes thtvdb, but when i actually do a search for the tv show it says that the only option i can choose is tmdb. thanks

In other words under “choose meta-source” I only have one option. That is TMDB. Thanks

Have a read of this




Hope that helps as I was left a bit confused!


I’m sorry. I am sure I am just doing a terrible job at wording my problem. I have multiple tv shows on my hard drive. True Blood to be exact. I would like to fetch the meta-data automatically for these programs as I have done so many times before for my movies. Unfortunatly, when I hover over the video and click OPTIONS on the remote I get the option to GET CONTENT INFO. When I click on that and do a search I dont get any results.  So when I click on the little options icon just below the keboard icon the only available database I have listed for search results is TMDB.  I should also have the option to search thetvdb aswell since that is what is set up for the default search parimeter for TV shows in the settings menu. Thanks again.


What is the name of one of your files?

Can you give an example?

I am sure it is something to do with it


I have tried True Blood and about 100 variations of it. I also went to the website and verified that the spelling is correct. I just think i have a setting wrong. I even typed in The Simpsons and Simpsons in the search field and nothing that is tv show related. Its just not searching thetvdb.com.

Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me??  I have tried 10 different tv shows and I still cannot get the search database to utilize thetvdb. Is there a setting that I am missing. Thanks.

I have this problem too, only on the TV Show Bones, I have all 6 seasons and it automatically found series 4 and 5 and put the correct info on screen but it will not find any other seasons, it will also not find ‘Bones’ tv series at all if i search manually!?

TV Shows should be named in the format

Series Name.SaaEbb.extension


Series Name.aaXbb.extension

where “aa” is the Season number (two digit, leading zero if needed) and “bb” is the episode number.

…most of the XBMC naming conventions are supported.

So, like


What if episodes are also named?

For example The Simpsons Season 1 Episode 2 Bart the Genuis would be… ?

Steve W

No, that likely will not work.

So I should name it:





The Simpsons.S01E01.mkv

Only the last one will produce reliable matches. 

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Steve W

BMWbrandon wrote:

Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me??  I have tried 10 different tv shows and I still cannot get the search database to utilize thetvdb. Is there a setting that I am missing. Thanks.

I have this same issue.  If I choose a TV episode, and get content info, no matches are ever found.  And, if it does find any matches, they are always from tmdb, instead of thetvdb.

I’ve used the file format of:

show name.SxxEyy.ext

show name - SxxEyy.ext

(and several others)

If I attempt to do a manual search string, and select the meta source, my only options is tmdb.  It seems like the wdtv is not attempting to use thetvdb.

show name.SxxEyy.ext

works 100% of the time for me.

Give me an exact filename to test against.

Mine also does this, ONLY if i search manually, if i re-name all the episodes and get it to automatically find the info it works fine?!!

Manual - only sees TMDB, Auto - Works fine