Where is my Data

As you guys know i have built my cloud with parts, and installed the 3TB image on it



I connected the HDD to SATA slot of my pc and had 500 GB of movies on it. And its fine. Later today, i reattached the HDD to PC and transferred another 1.2 TB or so movies to the same folder where my other movies are.

Now , when exploring the My cloud i can see the old data , but cannot see / find the newly copied movies. Dashboard shows as 1.1 TB free. here is the screen shot - OTHERS = 1.3 TB - I know its the newly copied videos - but where are they???


Did you set the permissions correctly on the files when you copied them via SATA?

I connected to windows PC - and used EXT2 volume manager to read/ write, Like i did earlier for the 500 GB.

Now the worst part - i just realsied the 1.5 TB data copied to my cloud, i deleted the source without checking . well its just movies not a big deal. but then its not right.

I attached the HDD back to the pc to see whats happening … and The 1.5 tb i copied last night is missing :open_mouth:

3TB hadd, used space 1.66 TB, Free space 1.05 TB

Did you set the permissions correctly on the files when you copied them via SATA?


What permission do i need to set on the files , and on which files do i need to set them ? The ones to be copied or the ones that were copied to the MY CLOUD.

I do not remember setting any permissions last time when i transferred around 500 GB, so why now ?

Bart_S ,

Sorry i cannot read german and had to use google translate, you said

“I’m only mod with some basic knowledge, unfortunately I am unable to answer your question in the situation. Do you have your product registered yet? If well, you could please tell me then your serial number via PM?
I would like to create a support request in this regard and forward them to the appropriate support department”

Well my product cannot be registered / or have an serial number because i have used parts to build this NAS. Hence official WD support is out of the question. I have to rely on this fine community to find a way out.

Nun mein Produkt kann nicht registriert werden / oder haben eine Seriennummer, weil ich Teile verwendet, um dieses NAS zu bauen. Daher offizielle WD-Unterstützung ist nicht in Frage. Ich muss an diesem schönen Gemeinde verlassen, um einen Ausweg zu finden.

Hope this is the right translation


Sorry i tried to translate from german to english and i did not understand many things, Would it be possible to type it out in english or maybe some other member can help out here ?

I think you have addressed this to bart_s